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Electrical Service / Panel Upgrade

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a small family owned company that focuses on great value and service for our clients seeking electrical panel upgrades. We have installed 100+ panels and acquired experience with old Victorian homes to new constructions and everything in between.

Whether you are considering upgrading your main panel (the electrical box that houses the meter) or subpanel, you can trust our expertise for a professional install in the most efficient way.

We always pull permits, pass necessary inspections and coordinate with PG&E to reconnect the service wires and seal the meter.


What We Offer

  • We provide free estimates (if within service area), a range of cost can be provided by providing some basic info & pics

  • We pull the permits

  • We process PG&E application

  • We do the work ourselves (as owner operator I do the work myself with a helper vs hiring unskilled technicians)

  • We take care of any demo, drywall/ stucco repair and trenching as necessary.

  • We schedule inspection after work is completed, finalize permit and PG&E approval.

Check out our Yelp and Google reviews for referrals and additional pics!

Electrical Service / Panel Upgrade Process

Replacing your electrical service / main panel or subpanel is a major operation and it should be only done by a licensed electrician who has the experience and necessary tools to ensure a safe and up to code installation.

The same way you would not entrust a dental assistant with your root canal, neither should you as a homeowner settle for a company technician to replace your breaker box (usually techs are hourly employees without a license but work for a licensed contractor).

Demand a licensed and experienced electrician for your project, someone who has years of panel installation experience, knows the codes, materials and options for the most efficient install.

Your electrical service / main panel or subpanel upgrade should always be done with a permit. Main panel upgrades are approved by a PG&E rep and a PG&E application is required prior to them coming on site to disconnect/reconnect the service wire.

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